Do You Drink More Alcohol Than Your Spouse? Beware of Divorce, Says Study

Drinking and DivorceDrinking and DivorceLadies, I am a drinker. Blame my love for the sweet nectar on my Dominican genes, or on my love of feeling wobbly and extra friendly. Regardless, I'd have a hard time going cold turkey. I wouldn't get the shakes, now. I do not have a problem. But I would have a problem dating someone who doesn't drink at all.

I know this first hand. When I was in college, I began seeing a classmate who was straight-laced. He didn't drink or party at the Malcom X Center. Unless he was going to the DC (Dining Commons), class or the library, he rarely left his dorm. Enter Sujeiry - an 18-year-old freshman that was finally free from her mother's reign and discipline. I wanted to run wild like a horse. I wanted my mane to flow as I explored all things and all the men that college had to offer. So, you see how me and Mr. Straight Laced were doomed. He wanted to tame me and my party girl ways. And I (like Miley Cyrus) couldn't be tamed!

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I remember how it ended. I called him while pre-gaming before a college party. I had a bit of a buzz, and a slur. And he wasn't having it.

"Are you drinking?" He asked.

"Um, it's Saturday, of course I'm drinking," I snapped.

He lectured me on how he hated my love for the draaank. I told him he wasn't my father. Or rather, I yelled, "You can't tell me what to do!" If he couldn't accept me as is, cocktail in hand, he wasn't the man for me.

Turns out, I was right. A recent study proves that a marriage is doomed if one person is a heavy drinker and the other doesn't drink as much, or at all. Researchers followed 634 couples from their wedding day through nine years of marriage. "Heavy drinking" was defined "as drinking six or more drinks at one time or drinking to intoxication." The results? About 50 percent of couples where only one partner drank heavily divorced.

So, me and Mr. Straight Laced were not meant to be. I may not drink six or more drinks at a time but I don't want to be controlled. I want to run free, tresses flapping in the wind. If me and Mr. Straight Laced would have continued our relationship, we would have run into the sunset together only to get burned by a glass of Jameson.

-By Sujeiry Gonzalez

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