What Your Drink Says About You

Checking someone out, being checked out? Learn the secret of beverage language!
-Anna Corini

walking with coffeewalking with coffee

Every accessory sends a message--from bold shoes to dramatic makeup to unique handbags. These days people seem to be walking around with a beverage in their hand at all times. What you're sipping on can say a lot to a prospective date about who you are.

Plain coffee

If you're walking around with a plain ol' coffee cup, you're probably busy, but also low maintenance. The fact that he won't have to memorize a complicated order when picking up coffee for you is appealing to the guy looking for a low-key lady.

Boldly flavored herbal tea

Drinking tea says that you're a little more in touch with your body. Drinking a bold, uniquely flavored tea can also show that you're up for adventure. A full-flavored blend like Good Earth's Sweet & Spicy lets the outside-the-box guy know you're not afraid of a little excitement.


If you're toting around a whipped cream-topped Starbucks concoction that takes 60 seconds to order, you may send a message of complication. Potential beaus may also get that you know what you want and that you're less likely to try to get them off carbs or ban their favorite football season fare.

Energy drinks

If you're taking swigs from a Red Bull, you're letting the guys who check you out know you're a girl on the go and they'll have to keep up. Keep in mind that you could also give off the vibe that you're a partier and are just trying to stay awake after a long night out.

Tell us: What drinks do you carry around all day?

Anna Corini is Manager Portfolio Brands, Tata Global Beverages

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