Who Else Here is Sick of Shine's Stupid Articles? Raise Your Hand

I can't take it any more.

I can't take it anymore. I used to love visiting Yahoo Shine.... I miss our "family" of commenters, fans, fun times we had when things were simple and anonymous.

Okay, so I've also started working part-time and have quit the dating game (temporarily), but where has all the love gone? It seems like the comments are now full of misogynists, intolerable A-holes who think that life ends by the time you hit 40.

Here's news for you folks: we 40-something women are doing great. And I say that from a soulful perspective. I may struggle financially-- who of us doesn't? But I'm so "complete" as a single woman; I could cry from joy to be given a second chance in life.

With that said, here's what makes me sad about the "new" Yahoo Shine:

Posts about wedding planning. Oh geez-- I know people are still going about by way of the dinosaur by walking down the isle, but seriously, do you need to dedicate tons and TONS of articles on wedding planning, flowers, cakes, fluff, most embarrassing wedding photos, stupid wedding photos, senseless drivel about weddings and wedding cake decorations? I thought it was "love and sex," not "fairy tales anonymous?"

Posts about celebrity scandals. So "K-stew" is a cheater. "R-patz" is a saint... Demi Moore overdosed after her divorce and Jennie Garth hates dating... I know because I've been through divorce. Why are they newsworthy because they've been in a few TV shows or movies? I had bad dates. I cope with these issues as I can as a single parent. I never cheated but know how Robert feels deep down. Not news, but keep "K-stewing."

Articles about how to save a marriage after infidelity. Barf. See above post. There are certain deal-breakers, and even the Bible would agree with some: when you betray your vows of commitment to someone, you've basically shot yourself in the foot of forgiveness. We can always forgive, but you should never forget. I can't look someone I've forgiven for infidelity in the eyes without knowing I've set them free to cheat on someone else for a change.

Articles that draw gender roles. I hate, hate, HATE articles that draw thick, stupid lines about generalizing anyone based on gender, age or any other stereotype. "All", "every," "always", "never", "none", "hardly" or "seldom" should be blocked as words in articles. We are ALL different. Oops... I think I just broke my own rule.

Rules about dating, men, women, or any other "type." Rules shmules. I hate, hate, HATE when you have to act a certain way to please others. My rule: be yourself, and the one who's right for you will love you for it. Otherwise, he or she isn't right for you. Oh, and I sound like a hater with all the "hate" comments don't I? (I'm not-- I promise!).

Articles about single parents dating. They all suck. Seriously. I know because I walk the moccasins. Shoot-- I have proof that I'm a pro in the field (should I post my link?). Okay, so here's the bottom line: don't introduce your kids to every person you date and don't screw everyone you date. Did I miss anything?

Stupid posts by stupid people (or trolls). Case in point. Please be a troll. What the heck is wrong with society? Did no one get any dose of morality, reality or humility as kids? After what point? 1990's, 2000's? 2010's? Is there anyone left with a conscience? Please say "yes."

Beautiful woman sips wine patiently at the side of a river bank in the quiet rain. Contemplating her fate.Sorry for the venting. I'm feeling kind of nostalgic for days of the recent past. I miss Peachy's heartfelt, endearing posts about inspiration. SurferRob's posts about, well, keeping things real with dating/relationships. Stormyrider's posts about being... stormy.

What is happening here? I miss the joy, the love, the support. Now there's so much hate, intolerance, stupidity...

Can we all just get along? No matter what fate brings, we should always count on each other.

For all of you, I wish nothing but the best rewards in all your endeavors.

For narcissists: I wish what is coming your way.

For everyone else: love, unconditionally.

Life is only one shot..... no "do-overs." Live your life as you would in dress-rehearsal. Peace.