Ever Go on a Solo Vaycay?

With Memorial Day just around the corner, I'm antsy about getting out of town and going on an adventure this summer! I already have a couple trips planned (Washington for a week to volunteer as a camp counselor, Chicago in August for a friends wedding, London in September for my cousin's wedding), but-vacation time permitting-I'm itching to do one more.

I've heard a lot about women-only surf and yoga retreats. I love yoga! Not sure about surfing, but I love the water, and I love a challenge, and I love connecting to my hippie-girl side. Of course, the problem there is that, while I may meet friends, I probably won't meet guys.

I met a couple people from Colorado ski-towns the other day, who mentioned that the ratio of men to women in their towns is something crazy like 10 to 1! So now I'm thinking maybe a Colorado in summer trip might be in order-or at least something fun to think about.

And then, of course, there's the Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon. Maybe it'd be good for me to go to an ashram in India.

Obviously-because of my bank account and my vacation schedule-this is all totally hypothetical. But it made me realize that I've never truly travelled alone. I've been by myself on odd layovers or for a night or two waiting for friends to arrive, but I've never picked up and gone off with no one but myself. And the idea sounds scary to me-like, the last thing that seems relaxing is trying to make new friends or traveling buddies. But I feel like that's something I'd like to change. My guess is I should probably start going solo on a group organized adventure (ie, a yoga surf retreat) and go from there. If I'm going anywhere, that is.

What about you? Ever been on a vacation by yourself?


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