Every Minute

Time Clock
Time is the most valuable gift we can give anyone. It is the most precious thing truly, and I think sometimes we fail to realize it or discount its importance. It is free, yet priceless, easily had yet hard to find, it is a single way to allow someone to know exactly how you feel about them or don't feel about them.

In this world of modern technology the typical excuses no longer fly. It is easy to reach out for a moment and pull someone to you or push someone away. We can no longer say, "Sorry, I've just been busy." (though still we say this and assume people believe us) because it only takes three seconds to send a text, a minute or so to make a call and a minute more than that to send an email. We don't need to figure out an algebraic equation to realize that out of 1440 minutes in one day, that we do not have three seconds to say, "Hey." Or in a weeks' time, out of 10,080 minutes, we cannot find five to call or write. (and yes, I did look that up online because numbers have never been my forte)

NO ONE is that busy. Not even the president. Definitely not me either though I am guilty to pawn off with excuses of the same. We are liars to even say it. We are fools to even believe it when it is said. We still say it. We still accept the excuse. Not all of the time, but enough of the time that it affects us and those around us.

Our time here is short and hopefully it is also sweeter rather than bitter. Nobody wants to be an afterthought. Nobody should be. The people in our lives should be foremost in our thoughts and considerations of how we spend our time. We shouldn't be wasting our time or anyone else's time. We don't have it to waste at all. We can't expect anyone to wait around for us if we are miserly. We make time for those who are important to us. If we have not, then we have shouted to the heavens that they mean close to nothing even if they are not listening.

We should be holding simple moments as if they are made of little diamonds and we really should have an abundance of jewels in our boxes spilling over into every day. We should be draping those who are important to us in our strands of diamonds. And we should be glad to give them our biggest treasure-our time.

Monika M. Basile