The Evolution of the Valentine's Day Card

The evolution of the Valentine's Day card...The evolution of the Valentine's Day card...As holiday cards go, Valentine's Day cards have evolved over the years, from vintage cards that either had a lovely sentiment or were just a darling reflection of the time, to mass produced cards that tie in with the hottest show/movie/toy.

Do you remember the Valentine's Day cards you exchanged as a kid?

Depending on when you grew up, you might have passed along a Holly Hobbie card or a generic puppy valentine - but today's kids swap cards that are typically tied to marketing a popular TV series or movie.

The first Valentine's Day card was sent from France's Duke of Orleans in 1415 when he was a prisoner in the Tower of London.

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The cards became popular in the U.S. during the Revolutionary War and started to be mass produced in the 1900s, with Hallmark jumping on board in 1913. It was full steam ahead from then on.

Check out the evolution of Valentine's Day cards in this look at 10 vintage, retro, and modern day valentines:

Victorian Era ValentineVictorian Era Valentine
Victorian Era Valentine
This Victorian Valentine's Day card is beautiful and delicate ... made of intricate doilies and lace!

1800s Valentine1800s Valentine
1800s Valentine
The 1800s saw a move toward the more "modern" Valentine's Day card featuring animals instead of people!

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1900-1910s Valentine1900-1910s Valentine
1900-1910s Valentine
This is a simple message of love for Valentine's Day, with a young boy blowing heart bubbles.

1930s Valentine1930s Valentine
1930s Valentine
This Valentine's Day card features a cute bear in a tub with an equally cute sentiment.

1940s Valentine1940s Valentine
1940s Valentine
Puns and cutesie captions started to emerge on Valentine's Day cards of the '40s.

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1960s Valentine1960s Valentine
1960s Valentine
This TV-themed Valentine's Day card reflected the popularity of television at the time.

1970s Valentine1970s Valentine
1970s Valentine
I think this may have been a card I exchanged back in the day.

1980s Valentines1980s Valentines
1980s Valentines
As the years passed, Valentine's Day cards started to tie in with popular TV shows and movies, as seen with these Care Bears cards.

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1990s Valentines1990s Valentines
1990s Valentines
Sonic the Hedgehog was a popular TV cartoon in the '90s and made for a fun way to express your young love on Valentine's Day.

2000s Valentines2000s Valentines
2000s Valentines
Bieber Fever took over Valentine's Day for tweens all over the United States!

- By Wendy Michaels

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