Exclusive: 6 tips from the Millionaire Matchmaker...for the Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger is poised to take some of her own advice to heart (Millionaire Matchmaker/Bravo Network)Patti Stanger is poised to take some of her own advice to heart (Millionaire Matchmaker/Bravo Network)What happens when you've built a company based on making relationships work, and your own relationship ends? You get back out there. Patti Stanger, Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker, announced this weekend via tweet (how else?) that her engagement to long-time partner Andy Friedman was over.
"I just ended my relationship with Andy. It hit me really hard that I want kids in my life. You have to agree on the non-negotiables," she wrote.

When we spoke with her recently, she was already refashioning her ideas on love: "Love isn't forever. It's supposed to be given freely, not demanded. And the old if you love someone set them free saying is true."

Now that she's free, Stanger has her own work cut out for her. A partner to Patti doesn't just need a million bucks and a hankering for spawn. He needs to be someone who's comfortable dating in the media spotlight, who doesn't flinch when producers need another take, and who doesn't mind his penis being called a pecker.

Shine spoke with Stanger about how to get back on the proverbial man-horse if you're a celebrity. If anyone can do it, it's this lady.

1: Both parties have to be on the same page: "If a guy can't behind the media attention it's not going to work.You don't have to date someone in the spotlight, but they should be comfortable with it. Someone in hospitality who know how a star likes to be treated, a hotelier like Andre Balazs is good for big female star. He can walk the red carpet but still stay in background."

2: Leave your ex baggage at home: "Don't date to get a reaction from your last boyfriend. Someone like Jennifer Aniston has to stop trying to trump her ex by dating someone as famous Angelina Jolie. Dating a guy who vies for attention as much as she does doesn't work for her, like it works for Brad."

3: Don't try to cure anyone: "Someone like George Clooney trades up every two years and that's not going to change. He clearly doesn't want to get married and he likes himself. So you have to know what you're getting into and if it doesn't work for you, don't expect it to, ever."

4. Go older: "For someone whose break-up was really damaging like Sandra Bullock, an older man who's retired his playboy lifestyle is the key. A Harrison Ford type who's more interested in nesting than working the crowds is the antidote to a player like Jesse James."

5. Marriage isn't the be all, end all: "John Hamm is a good example of a guy who's been in a committed relationship for years but doesn't want to get married. Maybe it's too stiff or conservative for him. It's not for everybody. If you're in love and on the same page about it, you can still make it work with out the certificate."

6. Steer clear of skinny bitches: "Men like a little junk in the trunk, but you don't want to be standing in a sea of skinny bitches. Go where men appreciate a finer, full-bodied wine. The standards for Chicago women is att least 10 pounds heavier than in L.A."

Unfortunately, next season's Millionaire Matchmaker takes place in New York, not Chicago. We're chock full of skinny bitches here, but we've also got a handful of hoteliers. Go get em, Patti.