Exclusive: What Anthony Weiner Revealed in Cosmo

No, he wasn't a centerfold. The New York Congressman was featured in the magazine 15 years ago and opened up to us about what he was looking for in a woman and the kinda weird thing he liked to do on days off...

By Zoe Ruderman

Here we go again...

Scott Brown and Arnold Schwarzeneger aren't the only buzzed-about politicians to have once graced the pages of Cosmo. Congressman Anthony Weiner, who earlier this week admitted to tweeting a picture of his erect package (under boxer-briefs) and exchanging other lewd photos with six women he'd never met, was featured in Cosmo back in 1996.

He was chosen as one of Cosmo's 101 real-life bachelors and photographed for the magazine. Unlike his more recent personal photo shoots, he didn't reveal anything below-the-belt. He did, however, reveal a few interesting bits of info, like what he was looking for in a significant other.

He wanted to be with "someone smarter than me". Well, he sure ended up with someone smarter than him. His wife is Huma Abedin, who has been a personal aide of Hillary Rodham Clinton for years and is well-respected in the political sphere.

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The New York Democrat, who was 31 years old and a city councilman in '96, went on to share with Cosmo his relationship fantasy: "I want to be sucked back into the throes of love-isn't that what everybody really wants?" If by "throes of love" you mean "throes of Twitter-assisted shady two-timing" then, uh, no, Mr. Weiner, that is not what everybody really wants.

"We named him a Cosmo bachelor and clearly he should have stayed one," says Cosmo Editor-in-Chief Kate White. "No smart woman wants to be married to an amateur like that."

Weiner also shared that on days off, "I'd try on clothes I couldn't afford." Funny because it seems like these days, he's traded in that hobby in favor of taking off his clothes.

Check out the full interview and picture here.

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