Facebook Fridays: Mostly, we're crabby. But sometimes, we're awesome

We were all up in your business this week, digging into the details of your relationships, inside your kitchen, and even pressing you about your friends. After all that, we asked you to let one little adorable boy inspire you. Luckily, you played along. Here are your biggest gripes and a few bits of rainbow-dusted good loving we read on Shine's Facebook page this week.

We asked: What do you hate most about cooking?
The nasty clean-up, overly complicated recipes, trying to please a house full of picky eaters -- thanks, guys, for reminding us how un-fun whipping up a meal at home is. Take-out, anyone?

Dishes!! So not cool (- Claudia)

Cleaning those dried out pots and pans, and the dishes. :-( ( - Tonaya)

I hate coming up with ideas. I try all these great recipes and my family ends up not liking it, so I stick with the basics...chicken, steak and pork chops. (- Lisa)

it takes too long when i have other stuff to do! ( - Stacy)

the "I'm not hungry, Ma" after spending all that time on it.... ( - Hope)

The cooking part lol ( - Veronica)

And then there's Doris, our new favorite Facebook ray of light. Go on with your bad chef self, Doris! We love how you took our crabbiness and turned it into a lovely, grateful comment. We raise our spatulas to you!

The fact that I am able, at 84, to get it all together,makes me glad! ( - Doris)

We asked: Are video games a source of conflict in your relationship?
We were shocked to find out that 15% of divorces are blamed on video games. From a decisive YES! to lots of oh, hell naws, our FB friends went back and forth on whether videos games hurt partnerships.

if marriages end over video games, facebook etc then they weren't marriages to begin with and that "couple" had no business saying " i do" the only reason marriages end is because the 2 people who claim to be truly in love truly are NOT. end of story. ( - Monica, who got 5 thumbs up for her comment)

That is one of the many, many reasons I divorced my ex. ( - Maria)

Fortunately, video games are a huge joint interest for my husband and me. I work at Gamestop, we go to video game conventions together ... He holes himself up playing games for a while, but so do I! And we play together. Women shouldn't be do quick to dismiss how fun it is to play games together. (- Heidi)

Unplug days are a must. Together at a park, in a zoo, or even just on a long drive through wine country.
( - Pat)

We asked: Did this pint-sized kid who is "so happy of myself" inspire you, too?

We admit that when we saw this triumphant kid, who finally mastered his two-wheeler, we teared up. Apparently, you were moved by the little guy with the big message, too. Here are some of your cheers.

That kid is awesome!!! Always believe in yourself, buddy!!! :D
( - Heidi G.)

So cute and inspired by this little boy.....Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do...but like he said keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it...that's life!!!
( - Tessie)

Love this!I want to be this excited about every accomplishment in my life! Truly inspiring! ( - Heidi C.)

two thumbs up all around ( - Jamie)

We asked: Can men and women ever be friends?
If your guy has a female best friend, are you OK with it? And what about if your lady has a guy BFF? Is this a recipe for disaster or have we moved way past that. Here are a few of your very honest (and decisive) answers.


Yes, I do feel that men & women can really be good friends ( - Laurel)

No, the person you marry is suppose to be your best friend! You shouldn't have the need or want to have someone else to confide in. I share everything with my best friend....my husband ( - Stephany)

If you're ok with infidelity and divorce...... (Carol)

NO WAY ******* ( - JoAnn)

yes and possible but provided they don't do something funny. ( - Eheduru)

If you are married, and your wife or your husband is not your best friend, something is very WRONG! ( - Paul)

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