What Your Facebook Profile Says About Your Dating Style

NEW STUDY: The Facebook Profile SecretNEW STUDY: The Facebook Profile SecretFacebook: a portal to her past. The more interests someone lists on their Facebook profile, the more romantic relationships they've likely had, says new research in Computers in Human Behavior.

The results fall in line with the "self-expansion model," which is the idea that people constantly seek out opportunities to grow, says study author Christopher Carpenter, Ph.D., of Western Illinois University. "Even if we walk away from our romantic relationships with some heartache, we generally also gain new interests and activities," Carpenter says. "Our relationships with others help us become more interesting people by perhaps broadening our horizons."

How Facebook Has Changed Your Sex Life

So sure, your girlfriend may have gotten her Game of Thrones love from another guy, but she's likely more engaging as a result. Two more ways to tap Facebook as a tool in you new relationship:

Edit your interests ASAP. If you mindlessly liked that "Getting Drunk" page back in the day, it's time to quickly reverse your action before she finds it. "If all you have listed is an interest in beer and watching television, potential romantic partners may conclude that you have pretty limited interests," Carpenter says. And in the early days of a relationship, she may simply write you off.

Write on her wall. Okay, it sounds like high school, but Carpenter says there's a link between positive social-media communication and the closeness of a couple. You'll be less jealous, too. "Numerous studies have linked Facebook use to jealousy of romantic partners, but a study we're working on now found that positive interactions with your partner on Facebook reduce the link between Facebook use and jealousy," he says. So, tag away.

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