Ahmed Angel: Everything We Know About The Internet's Favorite Male Model (Except if He's Real)

You Angel has arrived. Photo: Facebook

Just who is Ahmed Angel, the mysteriously bright-eyed, shiny-haired, self-loving poser trending online everywhere from Reddit to Kotaku to BuzzFeed? We're not certain, honestly. But here's what we've gathered so far:

1. He is planet. And in a loving tribute to himself, he shows us all what that means.

2. He rocks acid-washed jeans. And not only that—he can look equally divine in shades of mustard, turquoise, taupe, cherry-red, yellow, chartreuse, pink, and white.

3. He’s accomplished, yet still learning. Angel is both a doctor and a student. (It all depends which Facebook account you’re referring to—the regular page, on which he’s a student, or the “official” page, on which he’s a doctor, and which is the only page “liked” by the regular one.)

Photo: Facebook

4. His FB fans are gushers. They tell him, “You make my life complete,” and, “You are a wonderful creature,” and call him “mega-inspirational,” “amazing,” “the best forever,” “more beautiful than the sun and the moon combined,” and, simply, “stunning.”

5. His hometown is Iraq. But he’s already a “superstar” in the Middle East, Europe, and Russia, he notes.

6. He was a social-media Johnny Come Lately. Despite being a photographic and photogenic genius, Angel only first graced FB with his presence in January 2012. But he also has a vibrant presence on VK, a Russian social networking site with 43 million daily users.

7. He’s a holy man. Angel is a Muslim, according to VK, who is inspired by Allah and looks down upon drinking alcohol and smoking. (His “personal priority,” however, is “fame and influence.”)

Photo: Facebook

8. He’s nothing if not well coiffed. Note the shapely eyebrows, glossed hair, made-up eyes and perfectly placed beauty mark. Or is it real?

9. He’s a nature lover. Doves, dolphins, Gerbera daisies, butterflies, lilies, clouds, the Milky Way, expanses of green lawn, and the cerulean sea: Angel lovingly shares photo space with each, and never hogs the frame.

10. He’s multi-lingual. Angel is a speaker of English, Russian, Arab and French. And love.