How to Fall in Love This Summer

Summer Lovin' - Having a BlastSummer Lovin' - Having a Blast

By Alex Johnson for

Fall and winter are long gone. We are smack in the middle of spring and one of my favorite seasons is vastly approaching…summer! Many events also come up as we gear up for the hot season. Such as, kicking the diet into high gear, finding that perfect bathing suit, settling all the details on your summerhouse and of course, finding the perfect pair of shades.

However, with all of these things happening to prepare for a new season…where does the romance land in the schedule?

As Sandra Dee and Danny Zuko once sang to each other, "Summer Lovin, had me a blast…" It brings up the idea of "Seasonal Dating." We have seen it time and time again, just like how the seasons change, so do our dating habits.

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It pretty much goes like this…spring begins and everyone starts to over analyze his or her relationship and before you know it, you are suddenly single for summer. As summer begins to fade, people begin to hunt for the fall in hopes to land something before winter starts so that they are not alone during the cold months ahead. Then we go right back to where we started from.

It got me thinking…what does summer do for our dating lives?

Dating someone during the summer can be an amazing time of year, if you let it. Most people want to go to the negative side of dating during the summer because they won't get to have summer flings or be irresponsible, but if you look around and see all that there is to do with your partner during the summer you will quickly see that being attached during the hot, steamy months can actually be a "cool" thing for your relationship.

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First, there is the sex factor. Now that the winter clothes are packed away now we are able to break out the shorts, tank tops, summer dresses and let's not forget the silky sun-kissed skin. All done to not only make you feel good about yourself but to drive your partner wild.

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Secondly, you have the outdoor activities. Spending all day at a beach, barbeques in the backyard, bike rides, and throwing the Frisbee around. All of these activities are not only done outside but it's an amazing bonding time for you and your partner. Especially after we have been cooped up inside for the past several months. It is time to get out there and enjoy some natural vitamin D together (with sunscreen, of course).

Lastly and probably most importantly…enjoy! Be carefree, relax, have fun and connect. Because before you know it, those summer days will be drifting away and if you are with someone special, you will certainly be glad you didn't let that person go for a summer fling so that you can hold onto them during those cold nights.

Here is to kicking off an amazing summer season. Be safe. Have fun. Wear sunscreen.

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