All in the Family: What Married Couples with Kids Can Learn from Divorced Parents

Together foreverTogether foreverIf you're married and you want to stay that way, you may not think divorced couples are doing anything right, but it turns out divorced parents do have a thing or two to teach married couples with kids about happiness. According to YourTango, divorced parents are happier with their kids and happier with their romantic lives because they have downtime away from parenting.

Now, you don't have to be in a co-parenting (or parallel parenting) situation to get the benefits of the divorced lifestyle. (And for the record, though it goes without saying, the divorced lifestyle certainly can have drawbacks.) What you do need is to commit yourself to getting the kids a babysitter (or taking them to a friend or relative's house) at least once a week, if not two or three times a week, if only for just two hours. Three times is ideal in my estimation: that offers a chance for both you and your spouse to go out alone while the other has the house to themselves plus a chance for you to go out together. (Time apart + mindful
togetherness) x (no kids) = marital bliss!

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Divorced parents also mentioned being more emotionally present with their kids when they had the chance to get away from them, so remember that investing in a good babysitter (or childcare trade-off with another family) will not only enhance your marriage, it'll better your relationship with your kids, too. So, no guilt, no excuses!

By Carolyn Castiglia
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