Fast food wedding: Hong Kong McDonald's offer wedding packages

Photo courtesy of cnngo.comPhoto courtesy of cnngo.comI thought it was bad enough when my mom decided to rent out the local Burger King and invite all seven of my friends to celebrate my 8th birthday at the big, awkward, silver-castle thing. Turned out, the castle was double booked and my party moved to inside the restaurant to the smoking section of BK. That's right...complete with king hats, whoppers, and a pack of smokes. I really thought that it couldn't get any better than that, but it just did: a Hong Kong McDonald's is now offering wedding packages.

I will have a husband with that Happy Meal, please.

And we are having a hard time deciding whether this is awesome or awful.

Here's why we're loving it:

The package includes: a baked apple-pie wedding cake via microwave, a fantastic dress made of party balloons (we can only hope they have Ronald McDonald all over them), and catering courtesy of Mickey D's. (Have you seen what chicken nuggets are made out of lately?)Photo courtesy of cnngo.comPhoto courtesy of

Who wouldn't want a guest list that included Grimace, Mayor McCheese, and the Hamburgler? That's pretty cool.

Here's why it's awful:

They don't serve or allow alcohol, which means that you will be sober and thinking the entire time "Am I really at an effing wedding at McDonald's?"

The chain has reportedly been getting 10 calls a month from people who want to throw their wedding reception at McDonald's.

What fast food chain would you want to celebrate your wedding at?