February Must Reads

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As you continue to hibernate indoors this Winter, cozy up with one of this month's most promising new books. A memoir about friendships with John Lennon and Yoko Ono, a story of murder and red velvet cupcakes, and a tale of vampires in a lemon grove are all among new books out in February. Challenge yourself to see how many titles you can cram into this short month after you take a look at our February must reads.

  • Beyond Belief: In Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape, Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige, tells the story of growing up in the controversial religion and what it was like to escape it in this tell-all.
  • Red Velvet Cupcake Murder : In Joanne Fluke's Red Velvet Cupcake Murder, Hannah Swensen is famous for her red velvet cupcakes. But when she becomes the center of a murder investigation, things aren't so sweet.
  • Vampires in the Lemon Grove: Vampires in the Lemon Grove is a collection of short stories by bestselling author Karen Russell, with the title story following two vampires in a lemon grove trying to kick their blood addiction.
  • Autobiography of Us: A Novel: Autobiography of Us: A Novel, by Aria Beth Sloss, is a coming-of-age story of friendship, loss, and love, set in 1960s Pasadena, CA.
  • The Teleportation Accident : The Teleportation Accident, by Ned Bauman, is a funny and creative tale of time, space, sex, and violence, following protagonist Egon Loeser to the theaters of Berlin, bars of Paris, and laboratories of LA.

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  • Frances and Bernard: Frances and Bernard, by Carlene Bauer, takes you to an artist colony in 1957 and tells the story of two lovers through letters.
  • See Now Then: See Now Then, by Jamaica Kincaid, follows a family in New England that travel in their own minds between the past, present, and future.
  • Days That I'll Remember: In Days That I'll Remember, Jonathan Cott recalls his friendship with John Lennon and Yoko Ono from 1968 to Lennon's death in 1980.
  • Vow: A Memoir of Marriage (and Other Affairs): Vow: A Memoir of Marriage (and Other Affairs), by Wendy Plump, follows the author's journey after finding out her husband was having an affair.
  • The House Girl: A Novel: Tara Conklin's The House Girl: A Novel tells the story of two women: Lina working on a lawsuit on behalf of descendants of American slaves in 2004, and Josephine, a 17-year-old house slave living in 1852.

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