Feeling Bummed? Put Up An Online Profile for Some No-Strings-Attached Ego-Boosting

When you're feeling down -- either from post-breakup blues or from that persistently dark cloud that's been haunting you lately -- it's nice to have a pick-me-up. And it's even better if it's in the form of positive attention from total strangers. The normal path would be to put on your hottest outfit and go out with the girls for a night of ego-boosting free drinks and well-meaning, albeit cliched compliments. But what happens if you're not ready for actual human-to-human contact and you still want the attention? Fortunately, you have options.

Online dating.

Pick your favorite site -- I like the free ones like okcupid.com -- and put up a profile. Select your top five favorite pictures from the last couple years where you look your most smoldering hot (bonus points for pictures on the beach that show off your killer physique). Pick and choose the questions you want to answer and respond in your wittiest fashion, but feel no pressure to answer all or even most of them. A couple of sentences will suffice. Then hit "Save" and pat yourself on the back for setting yourself up for some no-strings-attached, completely safe, relatively anonymous ego-boosting.

And no letting the dark cloud negative voice in your head tell you you're not attractive enough to garner attention on a dating site. Even if you didn't get hit with the super-model stick, you'll still get a lot of email -- emphasis on a lot. Most of it will be short and sweet: think subject line: "Hi", message body: "You're hot." Some of it will be a bit weird ("I'd like to lick your ear"), and some of it from seemingly normal, intelligent guys whom you might consider responding to at a later date once you're feeling better. But all of it? All of it will be flattering.

Feel no pressure to respond -- after all, you're doing this to give your bruised ego some R&R before you hit the dating scene again. What better way to do that than to accept compliments from well-meaning dudes? So grab your favorite cup of tea, cuddle up with your cat, turn on your laptop and bask in the complimentary glory. And if and when you're ready, respond to the intriguing emails. You never know what might happen.

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