My Fiancé Wants to Invite His Ex-Girlfriend to the Wedding!

Aaron Dyer

by Brides

Weddings can present sticky etiquette situations-like making sure both you and your fiancé are happy with the guest list. That's why we're here to answer all of your questions in our daily etiquette post.

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My fiancé wants to invite his ex-girlfriend, who he's still close with, to the wedding. I really don't want him to. Am I wrong?

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This is never an easy situation. On one hand, your fiancé wants to include someone who's important to him; on the other hand, it's testing your comfort level. But at the end of the day, if she's a friend, he has every right to invite her. If you feel threatened by their current friendship, you need to come clean with your fiancé. Have a serious discussion with him before the wedding invitation is in the mail. Chances are he'll put your mind at ease. If you've never met his ex, suggest that the three of you get together for a drink or dinner-not only will this make the three of you feel more comfortable, it should also reinforce that you have absolutely nothing to fret about.

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