Would You Include a Fidelity Clause in Your Prenup?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Anyone who's seen gossip mags while standing in line at the supermarket knows that cheating is rampant in Hollywood. So when we heard that newly engaged starlet Jessica Biel was demanding a fidelity clause in her prenup with Justin Timberlake, we weren't exactly shocked. An inside source says the clause will guarantee Biel at least $500,000 if JT decides to stray while they're married. But we were a little skeptical. Sure, we understand that she's trying to protect her heart, but we can't help but wonder if this sort of preemptive measure against heartbreak undermines key principles that (we'd hope) form the foundation of marriage: trust, vulnerability, and mutual respect. Perhaps Biel would be better off postponing a trip down the aisle with Timberlake until some of these insecurities are resolved. Or maybe $500,000 is all the security she needs. What do you think: would you ever consider including a fidelity clause in your prenup?

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