Finally! A bridal chick flick that's actually funny

The trailer for the upcoming comedy "Bridesmaids," co-written and starring SNL vet Kristen Wiig, was just released and couldn't come soon enough. The movie, out in spring, about a woman's bridal party indoctrination, could end up being the funniest wedding movie ever written. Let's be honest: the bar is set low.

For years, women have known that wedding culture is hilarious. But somehow Hollywood's attempt to tackle the subject has fallen flat in the past. Let me direct your attention to "27 Dresses," a movie based on the open mic comedy joke that bridesmaids dresses are ugly. Then there's every Jennifer Lopez flick ever made that runs on the loose premise that "weddings are crazy!" By the time "Bride Wars" came around, writers had figured the only way to get a laugh out of nuptials is to make two pretty girls in wedding dresses wrestle.

Thankfully, "Bridemaids," which also features Maya Rudolph and John "freaking" Hamm, is bringing an end to the obvious crap-slapstick, instead targeting the more passive-aggressive aspects of bridal parties. Fart jokes notwithstanding.