First behind-the-scenes footage of antigay Church of Scientology

We haven't seen author and filmmaker Ian Halperin's newest documentary, His Highness Hollywood, in which he "infiltrates L.A. casting rooms and befriends several A-list actors and industry people by posing as a gay actor who's a member of the so-called 'Israeli Royal Family.'" Sounds juicy, no? But honestly that's not what piqued our interest about the film (despite Em's shameless addiction to her US Weekly subscription). No, it was these few lines in the press release:

"He then ends up in a top Hollywood acting school, gets put into shape by Usher's personal trainer and is cast for several major film roles, all while infiltrating The Church of Scientology. Then the Church of Scientology offers him a "cure" for his homosexuality. Inside the Church, Halperin meets several celebrities who joined Scientology who give him the scoop on the gay rumors surrounding several of the Church's high profile members, including John Travolta and Tom Cruise. One longtime Scientologist tells Halperin who Travolta's longtime ex male lover was and how Scientology pressured Travolta to marry actress Kelly Preston and turn straight. "If you don't give up being gay the Church threatens to publicly reveal your most intimate secrets that they have recorded during their process of auditing," one notorious member of Scientology told Halperin."

Now that's some good trash. His Highness Hollywood is out on DVD this month.

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