What to Say on a First Date

It's your first date with a new guy, and you're freaking out... we get it. Try these conversation starters to help break the ice and keep the convo alive (and show him how interesting you are!).

Four Easy Icebreakers:
First Date Conversation StartersFirst Date Conversation Starters
What's Your Favorite… Number, Color, Music, Movie, TV Show?

Asking about his favorite things on a first date is always a fascinating way to learn more about the man sitting in front of you, and uncover the things you have in common. The reasons behind his answers could turn into stories he hasn't thought about in years, making him instantly feel comfortable with you! You'll learn about his personality and his past, which might help you decide if you can see him in your future!

Would You Rather …?

If the conversation starts to wane, play a game… like, "Would you rather... get caught by your parents or catch your parents?" A funny question will show him you have a sense of humor and a quirky side!

When You Grow Up…

A man's career, and how driven he is, speaks volumes. Ask questions, listen intently, and get him talking about his dream job to discover what he's passionate about! Everyone likes a person with ambition, so make sure you have a goal of your own to share with him!

Oh, the Places We'll Go…

Ask him where he's traveled and what's next on his list! Romantics will say Europe, spicy lovers will say Spain, and boring men will say, "My couch." Whether he's a country boy from the south or a laid-back surfer dude from Cali, hearing how he likes to spend his vacations will tell you about hisadventurous side!

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Bonus! Talk With Your Eyes

While he's talking about his ambitions and ventures, make sure you're listening with your ears, and talking back with your eyes! There is nothing more seductive than a woman with confidence who's interesting, and interested. Start by tilting your head and paying close attention… a slow blink between nods can speak volumes. Work on replacing your words with a gaze that makes you feel sexy and he'll be sure to feel it too!

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