First Date Fashion Tips from Millionaire Matchmaker Star Patti Stanger

There are enough reasons to feel nervous before going on a first date-deciding what to wear shouldn't be one of them. We asked Patti Stanger, star of Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker and the DVD Married in a Year, for her tried-and-true tips on how to pick the perfect first-impression ensemble.

DO Keep Accessories Simple
One piece is ideal. Too much and you'll seem high maintenance.

DON'T Forget the Details
Apply a tooth whitening strip while getting ready and a spritz of perfume before walking out the door. A pretty smile and flirty scent will work wonders.

DO Strap on Stilettos

Opt for pointy heels over flats-they elongate your legs and look sexy.

DON'T Go too Casual
Unless you're going bowling on your date, slip on a nice dress. You may think jeans and a T-shirt make you look like the girl next door, but guys appreciate it when you put a little effort in.

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DO Wear Red
The eye-catching color is a favorite of guys. If you can't pull off the bold hue, your next best option is the ever classic (and slimming) black.

DON'T Pull Your Hair Back
Keep your locks long and free-men like to imagine running their fingers through it.

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