First pic of Levi Johnston in 'Playgirl' seems like a whole lot of nothin'

OK. True, you can't tell much from the teaser shot of Levi Johnston that's up right now on the Playgirl website (Warning: The site is so NSFW).** You can't tell if, in this highly anticipated shoot, he's posing with hockey equipment as reported or if his actual equipment is substantial or experiencing icy hockey rink shrinkage or really anything except that Levi has a hairy armpit and, at the moment of this photo anyway, it's probably clean.

Next to the image, the Playgirl people promise:

"Levi Johnston gets naked for! Our photo shoot with Levi this past Thursday and Friday was outstanding! Stay tuned in the next few days for the first of several steamy photo sets of Alaska's hottest hunk. Become a member of and see Levi Johnston nude!"

But we have to wonder if anyone really cares. Do you look at this bedroom-eyes picture and think, "Hells yes, I need to see more!" Or, are you feeling like us, kind of embarrassed and like Levi Johnston is just a little too young and too dumb and too full of...fame-whoring crap to be a compelling sexual fantasy?

**UPDATE: They took it down!