First-Year of Marriage Shockers: What Surprised You Most?

Dan Saelinger/BRIDESDan Saelinger/BRIDESLauren A. Greene, BRIDES Magazine

Women reveal what surprised them most during the first 12 months of marriage.


"We argued a lot less than we did when dating. Before, I'd overanalyze all the little things and hold a grudge. We learned to deal with a problem and move on. We weren't going to divorce over the color of our new couch, so why argue that much?"-Helen F., 27

"I had more free time to see friends. Before, I'd have to split my time between him and my friends, but after, there was less pressure, since I knew I'd see him every night."-Jill P., 32

"We both got miserably sick with the flu at different times and took care of each other. That in-sickness-or-in-health idea felt really natural." -Michelle S., 41


"I wasn't prepared for all the football and basketball he watches on TV. I used to go to my apartment when he was watching a game, but after the wedding, there was no escape." -Erin R., 29

"I'm a spender, and my husband is a saver. It was hard, but I learned to cut back, and he learned that it's okay to treat yourself to some¬thing every once in a while." -Jennifer W., 28

"Before, he thought my messiness-the unmade bed, the pile of bills-was adorable; afterward, he found it annoying." -Annie G., 30

What surprised you most during the first year of your marriage? Do you agree with our list?

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