Five Games I Love Playing with Guys (and One I Hate)

I'm competitive, especially when it comes to boys versus girls. When I was little, I would sprint my heart out, trying to beat the boys in swim practice. In college, I loved when we ended waterpolo practice with a co-ed scrimmage, where I'd have no qualms about playing dirty (not like that!) while kicking a guy accidentally-on-purpose underneath the surface.

Now, I've stopped being so aggressive, but I still find a little hot and sweaty G-rated afternoon action is virtually guaranteed to end in a tangled-sheeted tryst. I remember one time, I'd just begun dating a sweet and mild-mannered lawyer who invited me to go kayaking. After splashing in the water, we were more than ready to get hot and heavy when we got back to his apartment.

But, now I'm single, and the only thing that sets my heart racing are triathlon training runs (and, wow, if you're looking for sweaty men, look no further than your local parks, ladies!) But, that got me thinking about all the games I've played with guys-and how well (or not) they've turned out. Feel free to pick from the list, and share your own games!

Guitar Hero-Classic. I've seen guys rock their hearts out to Guns n' Roses or get soulful to Coldplay-I say, if music be the food of love, play on!

Boggle-I like words, so you'd think this game would be a total aphrodisiac for me. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I played this game one time, at a dinner party my college crush was a guest at, and ended up getting called out for cheating (I was looking at the words the girl next to me had, my mind TOTALLY blanked!) and ended up crying in the bathroom. It was awful, and goes to show that sometimes, it's okay to just let go of the competive spirit.

Races-running, biking, swimming . . . any test of physical endurance. Great because you get to see if he's the type of alpha male who has to win at all costs (which in my mind translates into icky over-competitiveness in other areas) or the type of guy who'd rather make it fun.

Cards-I don't really know how to play any card games and don't play with any regularity, but I have to say the guy in college who taught me how to play (strip) poker has a special place in my heart.

Beer Pong-Yes, I'm in my late twenties, but something about a sticky-floored bar and some warm beer and throwing that ping pong ball transports me straight back to frat-basement parties and falling in love with guys I shouldn't have. Plus, I love when guys talk about their beer-pong technique. To me, it's like an instant flashback to what they must have been like in their late teens/early twenties. Totally cute.

Who Can Get There Faster?-Maybe you're a GPS girl and he's a man driven by instinct, but I always LOVE trying to race a guy to a destination-especially when I win!

Also, I have to admit I've never tried any supersexy board games-but now, after realizing how much I like games, I'm pretty tempted.

What about you? What games get YOUR groove on?

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