Five Reasons to Watch Football (a.k.a. Hot NFL Players)

Whether you couldn't care less about the sport or head up the fantasy football league in your office, we know you'll enjoy checking out these fine athletic specimens. And while some people might judge you for choosing a favorite team based on the sexiness of a player, we never would.

Wes Welker, New England Patriots

The wide receiver might just be the hottest athlete in New England. Especially since his haircut in no way resembles Justin Bieber like a certain other member of the Pats.

Help your guy get great hair, and give yourself a 'do he finds sexy.

Golden Tate, Seattle Seahawks

This Washington cutie is super smart, crazy athletic (he played pro baseball before joining the NFL), a good dresser, and has a penchant for doughnuts. What more could a girl ask for?

Learn to read a guy in 10 minutes.

Hunter Hillenmeyer, Chicago Bears

He may not be able to catch (after being injured), but-as a successful linebacker, MBA student, and columnist for still think this Illinois hottie is a catch.

We wouldn't mind taking him to all of the seven hottest makeout spots in the country.

Trent Edwards, Buffalo Bills

We'd be willing to suffer through the cold Buffalo winter if we had this New York stud to keep us warm.

Why is love harder in the winter?

Colin Allred, Tennessee Titans

The 27-year old is originally from Texas (he has that in common with these gorgeous dudes), where everything's bigger. We're talking about his biceps...

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