Four Easy Moves to Hotter Sex

You, too, can become a sex goddess. I'm perfectly serious: By investing a little time, less effort and no money, you can become a powerful erotic force, a woman capable of reducing your partner to a state of gasping, spent gratitude. Here, a a four-step plan to boost sexual fitness. Your time investment: mere minutes a day.

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  1. Kegels, the Foundation of Sensational Sex

    Do not mutter, "I've read this before." Kegels are compulsory, not optional. They help you reach orgasm more easily and feel it more intensely while giving you more erotic control over your man. And they require surprisingly little effort. You can practice Kegels while driving, standing in line or lying on the sofa watching television. Varying your position from sitting, to standing, to lying down over the course of a week optimizes the exercises.
  2. Step Two: Breathing Exercises

    Like Kegels, breathing exercises are easy to learn and practice, and require only a few minutes. The Breath of Fire and Fire Breathing are two exercises adapted from Kundalini yoga, often described as sexual yoga because the exercises target the pelvic and genital areas. You don't have to do breathing exercises every day or every time you make love. Some women use them only when they're having trouble focusing on lovemaking or sustaining arousal during sex.

    Jill, 34, reports: "I had problems with focus during lovemaking. I worried about whether he would come too soon, or would I come at all-- and lost my momentum. Fire Breathing helps me regain sexual focus. I have an explosive orgasm. And he loves it too."
  3. Step Three: Pelvic Exercises

    You can gain new flexibility in your pelvis and make your genitals tingle by practicing these streamlined versions of Kundalini yoga positions: The Sexual Lotus, The Cat and The Hip Swivel. They're ideal for strengthening the muscles of the pelvic region and for relaxing the feeling of tightness that accompanies stress. Let the tension flow out and the erotic energy wash in.
  4. Lovemaking Exercise

    Once your PC muscles are strong, you're ready to perform The Butterfly Quiver, a move that has the potential to give both of you intense and prolonged orgasms. It couldn't be easier: Simply flex your PC muscles in time with his thrusting. When I say it's easy, you can believe me. The orgasms are intense, often multiple, and amazing -- all the argument you'll ever need for keeping up your Kegels.


Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.