Full moon in Aries: love is a battlefield

"Think slow -- act fast."
-- Buster Keaton (Libra born near a full Moon in Aries)

Gear up, grab your helmet and put your ego in check -- the firebrand full Moon in Aries is about to butt heads with us all! This is our annual reminder to face life and love with an attitude that says, "Bring it!"

There's no beating around the bush while the Moon rages full in Aries. Putting off action for a later date is courting disaster at a time when love relationships become super-heated and intensity erupts like a volcano. If you feel like you're being treated in second-class fashion, it's time to pull out the big guns!

This is a time for action when you'll feel a sense of urgency all around. Patience is in short supply right now, so don't push buttons or promise things you aren't ready to act upon immediately.

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Are you a lover or a fighter? Whichever way you lean, having it out with the one you love can be the most bonding necessity at this time. After all, it's often couples who never fight that end up in War of the Roses-style divorce battles following years of suppressed rage. Mr. and Mrs. Passive-Aggressive Nice Guy will not be invited to the full-Moon-in-Aries party.

Indeed, this great hall-of-mirrors full Moon demands that you look after yourself and quit hoping there's someone else who can do a better job at it. It's also time to sever ties with anyone who refuses to take your best interests into consideration.

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So, who's the real enemy here, you ask? The battle is usually with your own ego and vanity issues that need to be resolved from within. No matter how many sources tell you you're good enough and smart enough, you'll may well continue comparing -- and despairing -- in the name of self-doubt until you reach the point of self-obsession.

However, Aries says that if you return to your deepest "I AM" principle and get yourself clear on who you truly are -- and how you project your best qualities toward others -- you still stand a good chance.

And let's face it: Aries loves a good fight. So, fight the good fight on a daily basis to keep your fires burning. Make every day and every interaction a new and thrilling creation!

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