Do I Have to Make My Future Sister-In-Law a Bridesmaid?

John Dolan

by Lisa Birnbach, Brides

We asked The Official Preppy Handbook's Lisa Birnbach about including your future sister-in-law in your wedding party.

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If I have an issue with my future sister-in-law, should I suck it up and ask her to stand in our wedding so there are no hurt feelings? Or should I do what I want and let the drama fly? -Nicole P. of Oklahoma City, via Facebook

Dear Nicole,

You may not like your future sister-in-law, but she's part of the marriage package, for better or worse (forgive me). By the very wording of your letter, it's clear you know the right thing to do is to include her. Shutting her out could catapult a simple issue into irreparable-harm territory. And shouldn't you rid your wedding day of drama, or at least limit it to the best man's toast? (Answer: Yes.)

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