Everything is not in black and white...has it ever been?...

A new fad has taken shape front and center in this place we call, world. To each his own, this goes without saying. However, now we are to except this behavior of like genders marrying and exploring one another. Who we choose as a life partner is in no doubt our freewill. How we choose to live with that partner is in no doubt our freewill. So must we become engulfed with all the details of ones personal life choices?

Yes, to each his own; nor do some of us choose to judge however why must we become exposed to the love life of those who have chosen a lifestyle with the same gender? The lifestyle of like genders are always all to enthused with exhibiting their lifestyle for all the world to see. Something's should remain private where the world couldn't possibly delve into. Who we lay beside every night is of no ones business.

Straight lifestyles have been displayed only due to it's consideration of betraying normalcy. This has been proven through centuries, decades, years, months and even to the date of research. Most of all creatures and living things alike are and have been revealed in science, this is the accurate way of producing life. So it is safe to believe that those of opposite genders are of common behavior. For those who are oppose to this theory should seek out the inevitable facts that surround us everyday and from days of old.

No one has the choice (e.g. freewill) to harm someone base on the choices we have made. This is called personal rights, especially in the eyes of the Universe. The Universal Spiritual Law of Freewill has been create for the use of deciding our reality, thus producing Karma which is the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. This is another determining factor of why we aren't to judge one another due to we decide our own fate. Everything in this world has to do with how we choose.

If God wanted to control every aspect of our lives the Almighty Most High did not have to bestow to us Freewill.

On the flip side of the coin, straight men should allow to be just that straight without the influences of like genders to decide for them their preference. Like genders assume the position if you will to assist straight men who are bi-curious in finalizing their choices. The choice again should be wean into a comfortable emerged life manner.

Straight men are not warming to the ideal of pursuant when they are not in any form bi-curious. They just simply would like for them to walk on by. Straight men are now being aggressively shadowed. Who's defending the rights of the straight men and who's confronting the conduct of the like genders? Does not the straight men have rights as well?

We're lead on by media and the industry of entertainment be it music, movies or television that acceptance of this chosen lifestyle merit us as exceptional human beings. So what does that say for the conduct of the like genders who have no concern on how their pursuit on straight men are effecting straight men attitudes toward this behavior?

Gay bashing may be coming forth due to like genders aggressively approaching straight men? This is not to agree with this conduct but just to present a possible reality.

Love conquers all things, events and attitudes in this world. This is the only way to defeat negativity and bring about positivism and light in this darken world.