Getting Frisky Outside . . . How Far Would You Go?

The weather in New York was beautiful this weekend. It was in the upper eighties, clear blue sky, and it seemed everyone emerged from their apartments to bask in the sunshine.

I went with a friend to Prospect Park where we lay out, reading magazines and drinking iced coffees and talking about life. Until we noticed what was going down on the blankets surrounding us. There were couples cuddling, kissing, rubbing sunblock on each other in a manner that was not entirely

I'm not a voyeur, but I couldn't look away. Maybe it's because I'm straight up jealous because I'm single. Maybe it's because I also feel frisky when it's sunny. Maybe because I love a public make out session myself.

While I've never gone the whole way outside, I have gotten pretty close. It was sophomore year of college, and it was behind a statue on campus, and me and my paramour got stopped by Campus Security. Another time, a guy I was dating and I tried to hook up in a crowded bathroom bar, but got caught by the bartender (and then we ended up making out in his parked-on-a-crowded-street car, which was great!)

I've also always-ALWAYS-wanted to have s-e-x on a beach, but so far, hasn't happened! Maybe a goal for summer 2009?

What about you? What's the furthest you've been outside? And do you like making out in public?

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