GIRLS’ Allison Williams as a salty Kate Middleton

In spite of her busy schedule playing Marnie on HBO's GIRLS, Allison Williams has managed to perfect the perfect Kate Middleton royal “thank you." Seriously, tune to the first ten seconds of this video and listen to her say “thank you.” It’s scary.

Apparently Williams, daughter of NBC news anchor Brian Williams, was moved to create this Kate and William parody for Funny or Die when several people pointed out a physical resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge. The result is hilarious—at the beginning of the interview we see Williams, sporting Kate’s signature curls and mega bronzer, complaining about William’s lack of hair. “I had no idea he was so f*cking bald,” she tells the producers.

Perhaps touching on the speculation surrounding Kate’s weight, later in the video William makes Kate a disgusting looking peanut butter sandwich and she refuses to eat it. “Aren’t you going to eat it?” “Oh not now, don’t be silly,” Kate replies. “I’m just not really hungry.” “I want to watch you eat it,” William says.

There was sadly no mention of the royal baby, as this video series takes place when Kate and Wills are just engaged—we can only hope there will be more episodes.

Though there was no official comment from the palace on the video, perhaps Kate and Wills will have a good sense of humor about it. I mean, he is pretty f*cking bald.