Girl Offers Sex to Boy on Facebook for 1 Million Likes is a Joke

Peter Kverneg/FacebookIt's been a while since a Facebook meme dominated our feeds and cut into our office productivity. In 2010, in a bizarre effort to "raise awareness for breast cancer", women posted what color bras they were wearing. 2011 was consumed by "winning" hashtags, after Charlie Sheen's infamous ABC interview. The year 2012 was all about YOLO. And the New Year ushers in the latest Facebook trend: Begging people for likes in order to win prizes. However, the latest "like" gimmick that's had many people clamoring for the "dislike" button—a Norwegian girl promising a boy sex for 1 million likes—turns out, was a joke that spiraled out of control.

On January 17th, Peter Kverneng, a twenty-year-old gas station attendant from Steinkjer, Norway posted a photo of him sitting on a bed next to a woman named Catherine, holding a sign that read, "Catherine says that if I can get 1 million likes, she will have sex with me. Please share and like." Currently the photo has 1,380,360 likes and the story has been reported on multiple news outlets.

So. Did Catherine fulfill her promise and sleep with Peter? "No, she won't have sex with me," Kverneng confessed to Shine. "Catherine was never going to have sex with me; this was a joke that went too far. Sex would ruin our friendship."

But soon the photo went viral as the likes accumulated, thanks to Facebook's share button. "My sister has received calls from Christian fundamentalists begging for me to take down the post and Catherine has been called a prostitute, among other insults. She's staying off Facebook for now," Kverneng says, adding that his future career plans may suffer as a consequence. "I applied for an air traffic controller's position and I'm a little worried that all this publicity may not work in my favor. I'll have to call the recruiter and explain myself."

But despite the backlash, Kverneng admits that overall he's enjoying his newfound celebrity status and won't remove the photo from Facebook any time soon. "My dad thinks it's hilarious and I really love all this attention so as long I'm giving interviews, I'll keep the photo up. Catherine is okay with that," he says. "The damage is already done and story is already out there so people should be able to see the photo."

"I'm a simple guy who works at a gas station but my dream is to work in entertainment," he adds. "Hopefully this won't affect my chances of getting a good job but if that doesn't happen, I'd love to see where this publicity takes me. I'd like be a radio announcer."

Did Kverneng learn anything from his five minutes of fame? "Think once, twice, three times before you post anything on the Internet." he says. Here's to that!