Girly Habits Men Don't Understand

What's up with all those flowers?What's up with all those flowers?After being forced to wear a thong for Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello says he can't believe women wear them. That made us LOL and wonder what other things we do that dudes just don't get. So we consulted the guys at, who revealed their top head-scratchers...

If we bought you enough flowers to fill up all the empty containers of varying shapes and sizes in your house, we'd bankrupt ourselves.

Foot Lotion
Is what goes on your face or hands not good enough for your feet?

Bathroom Scale
You never use it, but thinking about it collecting dust under the sink makes you cranky. It'd be like us keeping a bag full of our fallen-out hair.

No, we will not hold your wallet, keys, brush, and cell phone. You chose to carry that useless bag.

Decorative Pillows
If we're not allowed to rest our heads on them, and you're not using them to playfully beat your cute yoga instructor, Amber, during a slumber party, there's really no point.

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Wedge Heels
C'mon, ladies-no cheating.

Thank You Notes to Close Friends
You already told them thank you in person. Alternatively, your phone is right over there.

Flannel Pajamas
They're about as feminine as a steel factory. Let us keep you warm!

Slouchy Boots
Talk about fashion all you want-these look like you're wearing Grandpa's jowls on your feet.

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Decorative pillows. Why?Decorative pillows. Why?Upper Lip Hair Bleach
Uh, it makes hair white, not invisible.

Tights are hot. So why wear fake tights that cut off at the ankle and make us think of bursting sausages and 10-year-old girls? Because we know you don't want us to find either of those things attractive.

Skinny Jeans
They make even slender people look like malevolent space-alien insects. To us, your low-waisted boost-cut jeans never went out of style.

Eyelash Curler
It looks like a medieval torture device. Besides, aren't eyelashes already curly?

Boxes of Cards
You save every single hastily signed greeting card from your friends-many of whom you haven't spoken to in several years.

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Nude-Colored Underwear
We don't care if it's the only thing you can wear under white pants. It makes you look like a store mannequin eerily come to life.

Massive Jewelry
Liking huge diamonds is one thing, but why are you into giant necklaces that weight as much as toddlers and could be lethal if caught in a revolving door?

So this one is for cereal, and that one is for ice cream. This other one is for salad, and that one's just for decoration. This one is for…actually, never mind. We're not hungry anymore.

Decorative Mirrors
Why would you hang up a mirror that's surrounded by Versailles-via-Santa-Fe sunburst ironwork when you could just adorn that wall with a classy picture of dogs playing poker?

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