Great News: Your Regular Friday-Night Plans Make You Seem More Attractive to Men

by Gena Kaufman

Getty ImagesGetty Images

Truth from pop culture: The cheerleader effect, of How I Met Your Mother origins, is real.

That is to say, people in groups are perceived as more attractive than they would be as individuals.According to scientists, this is because people tend to "average out" all the features of the group's faces--and evidently, being average is actually a good thing when it comes to attractiveness.

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In the study, when people were asked to evaluate an individual's attractiveness, they gave higher scores when the person was shown in a group portrait than when they were shown alone.

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You probably didn't need an excuse to go out with all your friends, which you already do practically every weekend, but now you have one. Great, right? We at Smitten also assume the increased attractiveness thing works for couples, like Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, who are basically trolls on their own, am I right? (I'm not right.)

Do you tend to be more attracted to guys when they're in a group? Do you get more attention yourself when you're out with friends?

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