Groom Gets Shingles After Bachelor Party Prank Goes Too Far

If Todd Phillips needs any tips for "The Hangover Part IV" he should look no further than this rowdy crew from the UK.

Ollie McAninch, 33, and his fiancée Clair Hart were driving down an English country road when, according to the the Daily Mail, masked bandits surrounded them and started screaming expletives for the couple to get out of the car. But this was no ordinary kidnapping. What McAninch didn’t know was that the 16 men were his best blokes and Hart’s distressing cries were all an act—McAninch was being taken to his bachelor party and this was all a carefully orchestrated prank.

After the mob bound, gagged and issued the groom-to-be a prison-style jumpsuit he was forced into the back of a van and driven 100 miles in silence, remaining in the dark during the long ride that the supposed felons were in fact his friends. Following the two-hour journey, the masks came off and true identities of the men were revealed.

But the shenanigans didn’t stop there. Another outfit change was in order. McAninch had to trade in his conservative jumpsuit for a neon mankini à la Borat and ride a bike to the final destination where a stag celebration awaited the traumatized victim. No news on whether his buds provided goody bags but McMcAninch did get a sick souvenir: shingles.

Shingles is a rash caused by skin and nerve inflammation and stems from the same virus that previously caused chickenpox. The virus can be reactivated in times of stress so it's no wonder the marketing consultant's body reacted in this way. “I'm usually such a calm and placid guy—but the stress of that ordeal was so much I thought I was going to have a heart attack,” McAninch said.

The bride never had chickenpox as a child so exposure to McMcAninch while his rash was inflamed and active could have been a health hazard. The duo went ahead with their wedding on July 6 anyways.

Look out for "Part Two: Revenge of the Newlywed" in theaters Summer 2014.