The Meanings Behind 5 Common Male Dreams

Find out what that sexy dream of his meant..Find out what that sexy dream of his meant..Researchers recently identified the five most common man-dreams. We asked Gillian Holloway, PhD, author of The Complete Dream Book, for her expert take.

By Cosmopolitan

1. Intimacy
If he dream-cheats on you with another woman, it's because he's attracted to one of her nonphysical qualities, like her ambition or quick wit. And if he dreams about a fictional person he's never met, pay attention to the particular sexy adventure. That's what he really wants to do--but with you.

2. Being Chased
He's feeling pressured by something, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily running away from it. The pursuer could be a symbol for something that motivates him and is merely pushing him in a certain direction.

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3. Falling

He is overwhelmed and feels out of control, either at work or in his personal life.

4. Studying for a Test
Surprisingly, this dream becomes more frequent once guys have graduated and entered the workforce, and it's a sign of perfectionism. "It's usually a high-achiever's dream," says Holloway.

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5. Being Late for an Event

He's not actually concerned about being tardy for the party. Rather, he feels like everyone is a step ahead of him, and he's insecure about it.

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