What Your Guy's Taste in Music Says About Him

Fairchild ArchiveFairchild ArchiveBy Amos Barshad, Glamour magazine

Is he sensitive? A player? A DO? A DON'T? That new album he just bought reveals all.

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If he likes...Justin Bieber, Believe

Worried your guy is a permalescent if he's into the Biebs? Think again! The buoyant Canadian kid is set for the Justin Timberlake Teen-to-Adult-Pop Transformation Trajectory, thanks to the influence of Kanye West and Drake on Believe. So far his love songs have been of the "puppy" variety. Now he's bringing the sexy. Sure, it's a little weird if the Biebs sings your guy's go-to jam, but it's not as weird as it would have been a year ago.
VERDICT: He is immature but might surprise you.

If he likes...The-Dream, The Love IV: Diary of a Mad Man

The-Dream was widely branded as the bad guy after scandalous photos of him on a beach with his assistant surfaced right before his split from ex-wife Christina Milian. On his last album, 1977, he attempted to apologize...and came off looking worse ("Tried to keep it hush for you / Keep it on the low...you knew it was over"). And this is the kind of stuff your man is bobbing his head to? Worrisome.
Run! Run from this shady dude!

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If he likes...The Fray, Scars and Stories
This Grey's Anatomy-pop quartet churns out mushy ballads that are earnest, attentive and complimentary. Representative lyrics: "Lost and insecure / You found me"; "I'll look after you"; "What's mine is yours"; blah, blah, blah. If your dude is listening to this, you do not need to be concerned that he will mistreat you, take you for granted or forget your parents' anniversary. You should, however, be concerned that he is slightly lame.
Your guy is cheesy...but sweet.

If he likes...John Mayer, Born and Raised

Thankfully, the famous cad has pumped the brakes on his serial-dating antics. Exhibit A: It's been more than a year since his last icky conquest (Taylor Swift?!). After his recent throat surgery, Mayer got pensive on Tumblr, announcing plans to "travel the country, look and listen." So it's entirely plausible that your man admires Mayer for the dulcet tones of his spotless fretwork rather than his various bedroom proclivities.
VERDICT: He's a recently reformed bad boy.

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If he likes...Drake, Take Care
Drake is the most vulnerable rapper on the planet. On Take Care, he sings about sadly drunk-dialing exes, worries that fame has ruined him, dedicates a whole song to the women in his life who make him proud, and even samples a voice mail from his grandmother. OK, he sings about how he loves "bitches and rappin' / rappin' and bitches," but, hey, he is a rapper. And an emotionally available, candid and family-oriented one.
Dump your guy...Drake is single!

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