Gwyneth Paltrow Went to Jennifer Aniston's Holiday Party This Weekend, and Here's What We Hope They Talked About

by Gena Kaufman

Amy Graves/WWD; Getty ImagesAmy Graves/WWD; Getty ImagesFile this under "Who knew?!": Brad Pitt's exes Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow are apparently pals! Close enough pals that Gwynnie and husband Chris Martin were seen arriving at Jen's annual holiday party this weekend. (Scroll through the photos of all the arriving cars filled with cool celebrities to be really jealous you weren't invited to this party.)

Jennifer Aniston is already known for being tight with girlfriends like Courtney Cox and Chelsea Handler, so it doesn't actually seem surprising that she'd strike up another celeb friendship. And she and Gwyneth have plenty in common: Healthy diets, flawless hair, and lots of well-known ex-boyfriends between the two of them, including, of course, their most famously shared ex Mr. Pitt. Wouldn't you just love to be a fly on the wall in a room with these two after a few glasses of organic white wine, when the reminiscing begins? Here's how I like to imagine the scene:

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Jen: "Did he make you hang a copy of his 1995 People's Sexiest Man Alive cover in your living room too?"
Gwyn: "OMG, yes! And wasn't it so annoying how he always insisted you get matching highlights?"
[Both collapse in laughter and take shots of tequila.]

Or, you know, probably they have plenty of things to talk about besides Brad, as they both have their own current happy relationships and lead pretty exciting lives that don't revolve around some dude they haven't seen in years anyway. (And also, Brad Pitt almost certainly didn't do or say either of those things but just let me have my fantasy giggles, OK?)

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Outside of celeb world, have any of you ever been friends with an ex of your ex? I have to admit, my base instinct is to immediately and passionately resent anyone who dated my ex-boyfriend either before or after me (although especially after), but I like to think if I ever actually had the chance to get to know one of them, I would rise to the occasion and just give her a knowing smile while toasting each other with glasses of champagne, because girl, we both earned it.

Could you be friends with someone who had also dated your ex? Oh, and do you think Jen and Gwyneth totally gossip about Brad? Hehehe.

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