He Won't Stop Talking To His Ex.. And Trying To Hide It

Okay so I need some serious help. I dont know if Im being crazy or if Im completely justified.

My fiance and I have been dating for about a year and half. We dated for like 2 months and he moved into my apt cause he had no where else to go. I found out that he had invited his ex over for drinks at MY apt when I was gone. He had dated this ex for 4 years. So we broke up. And ended up getting back together about 4 months later... we've been together again for a year and we got engaged about 4 months ago. I knew that him and her were still talking on facebook and what not but he doesnt own a cell phone and hes with me ALL the time so i knew they werent hanging out and from what I could tell, their facebook conversations were harmless. At lease the PUBLIC ones were.

Well i got frustrated about a month ago with how MUCH they were talking on facebook and made him delete her. The way I saw it was that we were getting married and no ex of mine or his should really matter anyway. The next day he was check his facebook and i saw a message from her pop up. He knew i saw it so he quickly deleted it and mumbled something about how he doesnt know why she would be talking to him. I let it go and didnt say anything cause I hate seeming like the crazy jealous girlfriend. Well last weekend she had come up in one of our conversations and i had asked him if she had tried talking to him or adding him again on facebook and he said no.

Well then HOW in the world is she his friend again on facebook??? So ONE: i know he lied to me. TWO: i know he still talks to her. Why would he feel the NEED to talk to her that badly if he wasnt cheating?? Expecially when i asked him not to and he has to lie about it.