Heat up your love life Aries-style!

With Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury all convening in fiery Aries through June 4, everyone's energy is running on high! Not only that, but your sex drive is concentrated in a very specific area of your chart, depending on your sign. Explore the cosmic clues of passionate Aries energy for a spring fling ... and maybe even a summer of love!

Aries: Let your confidence shine!
You are the star of the hour -- or more accurately, the year, since Jupiter and Uranus plan to light fireworks for you far beyond the next few weeks! Your key to romance right now is to unlock your courageous self-expression by taking personal risks that set you apart from less bold signs. The cosmos say it's time for your refreshed spirit to make a physical impact, whether it's a new hairstyle or some eye-catching new clothes.

Taurus: Your feminine mystique is compelling!
With five planets in Aries lighting up your twelfth house of mystery, people can't quite get a read on whether you're interested or not. You'll most likely meet people who follow your wavelength when you're most relaxed, whether while enjoying nature or pursuing an artistic hobby. Your heightened intuition will let you know which suitors are worth inviting behind your veil of secrecy.

Gemini: Open up to a new social circle!
For you right now, romance is as easy as stepping outside for some fresh air, as you're at your most sociable and ready to rub elbows with a new, more daring crowd. Get ready to be swept up in a social current that demands your courageous new attitude take center stage!

Cancer: Love is on high beam!
With all the current planetary action in Aries, you can't help but be noticed wherever you go; just make sure you're aware of what you're selling if you want to attract the right buyers. You'll want to play the V.I.P. card as much as possible: This may mean saying yes to one more social event than your domestic nature is comfortable with ... but the department of romance will likely take notice of your efforts.

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Leo: Expand romantic horizons!
Travel is laced with lovely opportunities for mating and relating, and you're clearly ready to explore romantic terrain with exciting new partners. It's time to get out of your head and demonstrate how sexy you are not only at home, but abroad. And if your passport has expired, a tryst with a sexy foreigner in your homeland could be a cosmic match waiting to happen!

Virgo: The era of your erotica!
With five Aries planets stomping around your steamy eighth house, sex and love is nothing if not a passionate commitment for you. You're craving physical bonding even more than simple attention, and you're ready to do whatever it takes to get what you want. Never mind your image as a lily-white virgin. It's time to play the erotic superheroine and put a dynamic fling into spring ... and summer!

Libra: Passionate possibilities!
Spring is awakening you to a plethora of partners as Aries whips up a torrent of possibilities in your seventh house of love and marriage. An existing partnership may heat up without you even touching the dial; at the same time, a new romance with someone who looks like a Roman gladiator may erupt out of nowhere. Just play damsel to his Alpha male seduction and enjoy every minute of it!

Scorpio: Sculpting for your delight!
Sex is in the details with the Aries entourage in your serviceable sixth house. You're willing to go that extra mile right now, whether it's cooking the pre-sex entree or indulging in a fetish. Your libido is very much tied to how you feel physically, and the more you shape your physical body, the better your performance will be when it really counts!

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Sagittarius: The chance of a season!
With a packed fifth house of flirtatious Aries planets, the name of your game at the moment is catch-me-if-you-can. Options abound ... but the question is whether anyone can command your attention long enough for the romance to go anywhere besides the bedroom. If you follow your spontaneous impulses and practice simmering, a spring fling could boil over to a summer of true lovin'.

Capricorn: Sex up your surroundings!
The current planetary lineup is bringing all the action right into your home, so it's time for a romantic Feng Shui makeover of your bedroom. From spicing up its color palette to creating a vision board of just what you want in your summer of love, take an inside-out approach to inviting romance. Learning to take care of your own needs, both sexual and aesthetic, will invite a fun partner who matches your classic taste.

Aquarius: Be heard!
As an air sign, you can certainly talk the talk, and all the fiery emphasis in your third house of communication at the moment is elevating this gift of yours to an art form. Instead of tying partners in intellectual knots, use your bright mind and wit towards playful banter -- or better yet, steamy conversation in the bedroom. There's never been a better time for intellectual foreplay to either attract new love or keep existing partners on their toes!

Pisces: Awaken your dominatrix!
With five planets lining up in your second house of sensual pleasure, creating more romance for yourself is about paying attention to your body's needs -- and asking any potential partner to do the same. Being a little bossy when it comes to your physical desires is definitely a new approach for your free-spirited, go-with-the-flow Pisces personality; however, your inner Aries is awakening you to the passionate possibilities of being in the sexual driver's seat!

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