HEAVY PETTING: Piglet fears mud

The Daily MailThe Daily Mail
Oh man, this story just kills me. According to The Daily Mail, pig farmers Debbie and Andrew Keeble noticed something strange about one of their new arrivals:

"While her six brothers and sisters messed around in the mire, she stayed on the edge shaking. It is thought she might have mysophobia - a fear of dirt.

Owners Debbie and Andrew Keeble were at a loss, until they remembered the four miniature wellies used as pen and pencil holders in their office. They slipped them on the piglet's feet - and into the mud she happily ploughed.

Now she runs over to Mr Keeble so he can put them on for her in the morning."


Not to worry though, five-week-old "Cinders" will not become bacon, as the Keebles are retired and only keep the animals as pets. In fact, she has a higher purpose: She will be the glamorous face behind a campaign to give a better deal to pig farmers. Eat that Sharon Stone!

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