Hey, It's National Single and Unmarried Americans Week! (About Time)

This is actually a kinda boring blog post, but it's National Single and Unmarried Americans Week, so I felt compelled to write something in my own defense. Yeah, I know; you didn't know such a week existed. Me neither, until very recently. And I'm not sure, yet, what it really means but I wouldn't mind if it somehow involved gift-giving to Singles...kinda like other "holidays" do.

Anyway, are you tired of people acting like your life is "less than" because you're not married? (Of course you are). Well, here's a little ammo for the next time you're engaged in one of these tedious conversations and want something new and different to say. A recent article in the New York Times reports that Singles actually make more of a contribution to society, their communities, and their families than married people do.

That's right. A study by the Council on Contemporary Families found that Singles are:

More likely to take care of their parents

More connected to their nieces and nephews

More likely to visit their neighbors

More likely to attend political gatherings, and are

More active volunteers in their communities. (When married people volunteer, it's apparently more self-serving, e.g., coaching sports their kids are involved in, or being active in their own church, whereas voluntarism by Singles is more likely to focus on others, without it having a direct impact on their own lives).

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