Hey Ladies?

When it comes to relationships, and your man or husband has done things that may concern you, do not argue about it. If he says something you do not like, do not respond. If you ask him to do something and he di not do what you ask him, do not get mad ladies. Whatever the case might be, that would cause you to react is to not react. why? I'm glad you ask. There is one important thing you can do, to get their attention and show them how you feel. Number one again, DO NOT REACT. Do something he would least expect you to do. It works everytime, if you do something different, that he do not expect you to do, it will give him a shock to his senses, I guarantee you. If you do this, you would never go through any of those problems again.

Now, I will tell you what you do, you will love this and he, well he will love it nad hate it all at the same time.
1. Wait until he come in and start cooking or finish cooking when he comes in, after he comes in and get comfortable
2. Go put on your or his favorite pair of stilettoes, no matter how mad you are
3. But on the shortest tight dress or gown see through
4. Put your hair up and then take it down at the stove
5. Walk around the house prancing
6. He's going to get turned on
7. He is going to want you
8. you get seductive and then you lay the BIG
9. NO on him
10. Then tell him why you are saying no in the most beautiful low voice, because you did not do what I ask you, or any of the things related to what I mentioned at the beginning of my blog

Now, you got him just where you want him and wait a day or two and then give in

Have a Diamond Day!