Hilarious Wedding Photos: Dad Misses Wedding, Included Via Photoshop

What would you do if your close family member fell ill right before the wedding and couldn't make it? For one couple, Photoshop helped them turn a sad situation into a hilarious memory. The groom's sister photoshopped Dad into the pictures, and what makes the photos so hilarious is the complete disregard for wedding appropriateness in the images she used: lounging in an inflatable pool; holding a dead deer on a hunting trip; a football shot from the high school glory days. Check out the photos!

Dad in an inflatable pool.
Dad with the bride and bridesmaids.
Dad's about to hit the couple with a water gun!
Dad's ready to paint!
Vintage Dad is the king of the wedding?
Dad relives the glory days with his reception intro.
Dad dropped by after a nice hunting trip...
Dad's ready to party!
Dad capturing the special memories on film!
Dad enjoying a cigar after dessert.

(Reddit via Jezebel)

Photo Credit: Shelby Street Photography

Tell us: What would you do if a loved one couldn't make it to the wedding?

-Kristen O'Gorman Klein

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