Holiday Disasters

Couples share their worst seasonal mishaps.

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"At a Christmas party, my grandparents gifted my recently divorced uncle with a chocolate mold of a woman's chest (I kid you not). It was meant as a gag gift to celebrate his new single status, but it was awkward for everyone involved." -- Rachel S.

"In the middle of our dinner party, our 65-gallon fish tank sprung a massive leak right next to the dining room table! It was pretty awful...." -- marinesgirl08

The worst holiday gifts ever!

"One year, I waited to shop for Thanksgiving until the night before the big meal. Much to my horror, there were only frozen turkeys available. I didn't know if we could get it to defrost in time. We ended up leaving it in a bucket on the patio with a hose running water into the bucket overnight to thaw it, but dinner was still late the next day!" -- Laura F.

"A few minutes before Thanksgiving last year, we had a glass casserole dish of brussels sprouts blow up in the oven.... The oven also had the turkey, the stuffing and the mashed potatoes, and they all had to be tossed. My brother and I sped over to the only place that was open -- a Kmart Super Center -- and bought prepackaged mac 'n' cheese, mashed potatoes and a rotisserie chicken. We then declared ourselves the kids who saved Thanksgiving." -- Brooke A.

"My grandma accidentally put salt in all of the pumpkin pies instead of sugar...." -- Ellie

"When I was engaged to my husband, a friend of ours (a guy) had a family party to go to, but he had just broken up with his girlfriend, so I went with him as his "date." His grandmother saw my engagement ring and assumed we were engaged. Talk about awkward. Then, after lots of caviar and wine all night, I got sick in his mother's enormous marble bathroom." -- pook

"It was my first holiday dinner with my new company, and I had a major crush on my boss. A few apple martinis in, I decided to sit on his lap. Thankfully, everyone laughed about it later." -- afloggie

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