How Cougars Steal Guys From Younger Women

Sharpen your claws, girls. Plenty of sexy older women (ahem, best known as cougars) have lured younger men away from doting girlfriends. Here's how they do it:

They're There for Your Man When You Aren't
Aileen, 23, had to pick up two jobs to meet ends meet...but when she missed an important party with her boyfriend, he hooked up with his mom's coworker in the bathroom. "I'd never felt so humiliated in my life," Aileen said. "He apologized and sent me flowers, but I couldn't get over it. Apparently, the coug's mission worked: They're now dating seriously."

They Run in Your Crowd
Emily, 23, was engaged to "Jack" when they started hanging out with a couple that had a 10-year age difference. You'd think one younger guy would be enough for the 35 year-old cougar, but soon she started spending tons of one-on-one time with Emily's man. "About 13 weeks before our wedding, Jack told me he had fallen in love with the cougar..."

They Work Closely With Your Man

Sarah, 27, didn't feel threatened when her 30 year-old boyfriend went on a business trip with his 47 year-old boss. "What could she have over me?" Sarah thought. "But when he returned home, my boyfriend confessed they had slept together in the hotel. He even introduced her to his friends!"

One of the most common places that lure men into temptation is the workplace. Find out how to make sure he stays totally loyal to you in "How to Keep Him From Cheating."

They Have an Arsenal of Qualities You Are Still Working On

Cougars have confidence and directness than many young women are still developing. And cougars don't create drama, says Ilona Paris, author of "Hot Cougar Sex." "They're too busy living their own lives to get caught up in petty behavior." Add in cougars' higher paychecks and still-rockin' bodies, and it's no wonder those babes have been around the block a few times.

Read the complete stories of Aileen, Emily, Sarah, and more chicks in "A Cougar Stole My Man!"

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