How do you ask to be exclusive?? How can I get him to commit?

Hi every one! My first blog ever!

Let me tell you more about this weird relationship I'm in. About 5yrs ago I broke up with my then boyfriend when this happened his friend came out and told me he has always liked me and we started having a closer friendship. But nothing more than that then me and my ex got back together and I saw his friend again Ill call him "CP" ( this is my ex's friend) But we just talked as friends. Through out my relationship with my ex me and CP continued to talk on the phone and occasionally went out. I always knew that he loved me or so he said. He often told me that he rather be my friend than nothing at all.
Time passed and I left my ex and me and CP started a relationship but I never took him serious because I knew him and my ex were very close. I saw him as a rebound. Ok long story so when I felt he was getting too involbed I left him because I didn't love him like he seemed to love me. Time passed again about a year and we ran into each other and again we started talking and again I left him for no reason. Now we ran into each other again and for some strange reason I'm so attracted it by him I really want to be with him and actually make it work.

So we have been going out for about 4 months and we both enjoy spending time with each other but we are not official. Last night on our way out I asked him where does he think we are gonna get with this relationship? His answer was.... "I don't know, I want to take it day by day, I don't want commitment right now..." he said " I've been there for you for five years and you have broken my heart twice and now that you are back I cant just jump. I'm not going all in again"

Thats what he said.........=( Let me just tell you that through out this time he has always been a total sweetheart and a gentleman and that is why I'm in total shock to hear this from him!
what does he mean??? What does that make me?? A booty call??? What do you guys think???

Ill be looking forward to reading your comments!!!