How do you feel about MANTIES?

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I recently stumbled across, and I do mean stumbled, tripped and fell over Manties, frilly, silk underwear for men that mimic more traditionally female panties that are uh, strong enough for a man. But wait, they're not just for cross-dressers! Any guy who's ever been panty curious is invited to join in the fun, and since they can easily be purchased under the guise of "gag gift," ahem, they're flying off the shelves. (Oh boy, just in time for Father's Day!)

But Manties aren't the only male naughties on the market, and it seems like we're looking at an international movement here. Check out the Japan-based undie company that made these intriguing, squeal inducing NSFW manties. And if you thought the official Manties site was um, verrry interesting, you'll really enjoy Lingerie 4 men, a New Zealand joke ad campaign run by Snickers (why are Kiwis so freakin' funny!?).

Of course, the only interesting lingerie news for women simply pales in comparison: In one of the saddest examples of corporate greenwashing around, another wacky Japanese lingerie company Triumph has just come out with a new solar powered "eco" bra, which makes no sense whatsoever, but maybe Angel Kitty's USB Keyboard Bra is more useful? Then there's the possibly anti-feminist company marketing scented underwear that smells "melon fresh"--WTF!?!--for 15 washes, you know, because everyone knows vaginas smell weird and stuff. (Eye roll.) Guess when it comes to the lingerie gender wars, it's your time to shine guys...

Oh and, in case you've never seen this, it's like a Manties 101. Enjoy!

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