How do YOU handle catcalling (plus, would you try this move?)

My friend Annabelle is a take-names city girl, who's lived in New York for eight years and has a tough girl attitude hiding underneath her frilly name and typical girly getup.

Case in point: The other day, she was walking down the street during daylight, on a crowded street when a man started whistling at her. She gave him her trademark fingerflip without missing a beat, and then the guy turned nasty, calling her ugly.

In a way, she snapped. She was SO SICK of guys doing this-cat-calling only to turn insulting once she they were turned down, tired of guys noticing her when all she wanted to do was get to point A to point B, and tired of herself for never doing anything about it. So instead of ignoring it or taking it, she started screaming at the top of her lungs, yelling to passerby that the man had tried to steal her purse. The man ran away, and Annabelle felt feisty, take charge, and confident he'd think twice before he catcalled again.

Now, this was broad daylight, but even so, it might not have been the smartest move. Also, there is the fact that it bottom line wasn't true, and while his behavior was louche and annoying, it wasn't criminal.

So, I'm torn. On one hand, I applaud her gutsiness, but on the other hand, I'm wondering if there's a better way to deal with unwanted attention . . . what would you do?

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